Land Surveyor at Ascentech Services Limited

Ascentech Services Ltd acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top-of-the-line executive recruitment and selection services. We cater for the needs of a range of professionals seeking employment and work together to create effective solutions using our networks and strong client base.
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  • Carrying out surveys of the environment with construction projects in mind
  • Working in diverse sectors, such as construction, property, cartography (maps), offshore engineering and exploration
  • Assessing land due for redevelopment
  • Surveying airports, landfill sites, mines, quarries, pipeline systems and more
  • Managing and monitoring projects from start to finish
  • Producing maps using GPS, surveying instruments, digital images and satellite photographs
  • Analysing data using geographic information systems (GIS) and drawing charts using computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Monitoring changes in the land during the construction process
  • Writing reports and sharing crucial information with colleagues and clients


2-4years experience as a Land Surveyor in a construction company is a MUST

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